Unique Thrift Stores is proud to serve the local community by providing a wide range of affordable, quality merchandise to accommodate the needs of our customer. Our Shoppers find that a trip to Unique Thrift Store is always a distinctive shopping experience-a variable treasure hunt for goods in a pleasurable shopping environment.

All of Unique Thrift Store's merchandise is carefully examined and displayed by a team of associates to provide the most enjoyable and organized shopping atmosphere for customers. Shoppers can find necessities or nearly anything on their wish list, from designer and vintage clothing to rare home decor, to that hard-to-find hardcover classic novel.

Our Discounts

There are also deeply discounted finds in the vast selection of new and gently used toys, jewelry and electronics. With such a broad collection of affordable merchandise, a quick trip to Unique Thrift Store has been known to turn into a daylong adventure.

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